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BMWED Covid-19 Questions and Answers

The following are some of the more frequently asked questions as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. While information varies from railroad to railroad and CBA to CBA, we hope this helps answer some of the most common concerns. As always, situations vary, so a quick call, text or email to your elected BMWED representative is your best resource. You can find contact info for all BMWED officers and staff in the Directory at Please find answers outlined at link below.

  • Q 1. Is the Union working on hazardous pay through legislation?
  • Q 2. What is the course of action if the Carriers violate CDC guidelines on transport employees?
  • Q 3. How do we socially distance when working in a machine that requires two operators?
  • Q 4. If I get COVID-19 while at work, do I have a lawsuit?
  • Q 5. Do I have health insurance if I self-quarantine? If so, how long?
  • Q 6. What is the CARES Act?
  • Q 7. What is the total weekly amount members will receive on unemployment benefits and sick benefits?
  • Q 8. Is there still a 7-day waiting period for unemployment and sickness benefits?

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The 2021 James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund

Application process begins at the end of November and the deadline for applications this year is March 1, 2021. Please Visit the Scholarship Fund Web Site

The 2021 Union Plus Scholarship Fund

Applications for 2021 are due by January 31. Please Visit the Union Plus Scholarship Web Site

Truth and Lies: Amtrak Work Rule Talks

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FRA Just Reduced The Prospects For A Safer Railroad Industry

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Bargaining Update: National Carriers Conference Committee Gives Bargaining Presentation

The National Carriers Conference Committee (NCCC) gave a presentation about its bargaining proposals to the BMWED and SMART-Mechanical Department (SMART-MD) Coalition on April 15, 2020.

While approximately 30,000 of Maintenance of Way and SMART-MD railroad workers are risking their lives during the global COVID-19 pandemic to keep American rail infrastructure maintained and safe for the continued transportation of necessary supplies nationwide, the railroads are working to cut your pay, slash your healthcare benefits, assign more of your work to outside contractors and diminish your quality of life.

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BMWED Seeks Individual Carrier Bargaining in Upcoming Round

The BMWED has filed suits in federal courts against several Class 1 railroads in an attempt to bargain contracts specific to each individual railroad and its Maintenance of Way employees. In the recent past, the union and railroads have negotiated under the Railway Labor Act at the "big table" known as National Bargaining. In this upcoming round, the BMWED is asking the courts to enforce our right to bargain our work rules with the individual railroads through representatives of our choosing, separate of the National table. Those railroads include Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, Canadian National, and Conrail...

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